Your job is demanding. While the safety of your employees is beyond measuring on balance sheets, it is something that can be time consuming for numerous departments. It doesn't have to be that way. Partnering with the right safety distributor can alleviate some of the work that goes with keeping employees safe.

See what services Quest provides to make protecting your workers easier.

On-Site Assessments

PPE and Equipment Assessments

Are you currently buying the right PPE and safety equipment? By right, we mean items that

  • Keep your workers, product, and environment free from hazards
  • Are comfortable and allow your workers to effectively do their job
  • Financially support your budget

Do you have the right signage in your plant? Are your signs readable from the proper distances? Are essential items properly labeled?

PPE and equipment assessments can answer these questions and more. Our territory managers can work with you to determine the right time for an assessment, what questions should be asked, and interpret the results in a timely manner.

Respiratory Fit Tests

Even the best respirators will fail you if they fit incorrectly or are worn wrong. If you change respirators, hire new employees, or your guys start wearing beards, it is best to have Fit Tests performed. Quest has the kits and the personnel to help you out.

Ease of Ordering

Various Ordering Methods to Fit Your Needs

We work in whatever way fits your organization. Our ecommerce system can be accessed through desktops, laptops, tablets, or cell phones. We also take orders by email, or phone. We are even willing to accept orders via carrier pigeon if you have one on staff.

Customer Common Order Catalogs

We can create common order catalogs specific for your organization to eliminate the guesswork for your employees. We've had workers call from jobsites telling us they "want a dozen green cut 2 gloves, a box of smoke safety glasses, and three size large safety vests like we ordered last time." He didn't know product details, that wasn't his role. His role was to complete a high profile construction project on time and on budget. With the help of Quest's CSR team he received all those products the next day, 479 miles from our warehouse.

Customer PunchOut Catalogs

A punchout catalog can be built in our ecommerce system if your purchasing department orders through an in-house procurement system.

Order Accuracy

Our customer service team and warehouse staff continuously strive to have your orders deliveried on time with no errors. All orders are double checked by a second employee before leaving our warehouse. Quest has an order accuracy rate of 99.4% and an inventory accuracy rate of 99.5%

Inventory Solutions

Inventory Accuracy

Along with order accuracy, Quest continuously works on inventory accuracy. Quest monitors its inventory daily and has had an inventory accuracy rate of 99.5%

In-Stock Product Programs

Do you have certain supplies that you run through regularly? Would running out of those items cause time lost on your jobsite? Working with your territory manager you can determine what supplies you buy regularily and that we should stock in our warehouse for emergencies.

Vendor-Managed Inventory

Do you have a large facility with a lot of inventory coming in everyday? Could you use a hand keeping track of all the PPE and safety equipment? Quest has VMI specialists that regularly visit customer's storeroom and count inventory. They then order whatever supplies are needed to match your minimum/maximum requirements and ensure you never run out. Our VMI specialists will complete whatever training is necessary if badging is required.

Individualized Logistics Plans

It doesn't matter how helpful we are or how well the PPE protects your employees if the items don't arrive when scheduled. We understand that delivery schedules are critical to your business.

Flexible Shipping

We will ship orders on your logistic account or Pre-Pay and Add. If you have specific trucking companies you work with me will make sure they are used here also. If we do not have an item in stock and you need it right away we will have it drop-shipped from the manufacturer to ensure you have it on time

Quest Courier

Quest delivers orders weekly from our Indianapolis and Dayton NJ locations for a minimal charge. Talk to one of our territory managers to see if this is something that would benefit you.

Solutions to Match Your Business

Keeping your trust throughout the partnership is just as important as earning it in the beginning. The Quest team is constantly reviewing the market for new products and price changes. Whenever we see that a change can improve your workers' safety or your bottom line we will bring it to your attention. These practices allow you to focus on your business and daily tasks.

Cost and Time-Saving Program

Cost and time-savings programs, can make a huge difference. Cost-savings are an obvious advantage but many people forget about the importance of saving workers time and steps. Small changes made to a workflow plan can even increase safety compliance. Your workers will thank you.

The safety product industry is continuously changings. New products are released, manufacturers make product changes, and prices change due to the cost of raw materials. Sometimes changing manufacturers or even an attribute of the item can create cost and time savings.

Supply Chain Solutions

We met with with people who could not get products consistently that they were buying from other companies. By fully understanding the product, how it was used, and the project's overall workflow, we were able to substitute that item and ensure consistent delivery by changing manufacturers or an attribute of the item. Many times, the change was done with a cost savings too.

Usage Reviews

By partnering with Quest you will never be in the dark on what your company is buying or how much you spend. Talk to our territory managers about scheduling reviews so you have the information you need.

Continued Support After the Sale

Dedicated Team at Your Service

By partnering with Quest you will get more than just a territory manager, you get a well-trained team. Our customer service and inside sales reps focus on specific industries and customers. You will always have a knowledgable person at your fingertips.

Our operations and purchasing department has over 25 years of experience in supply chain management and overseas logistics.

When you call Quest you will always talk to someone. The owner of Quest, Sam Yadav, does not believe in using recorded answering services or voice mail at the Quest offices unless absolutely necessary. If you call after 5:30 it may be Sam that you end up talking to

Equipment Testing, Calibration and Repairs

Quest regularily handles equipment testing, calibration and repairs for our customers.

Education / Training

Product Education and Demonstrations

Our territory managers are continually updated on products and technology but sometimes we also bring in experts from the manufacturers. These experts can discuss the various benefits of their products or safety practices as well as provide solutions handcrafted for your company.

Manufacturers will also bring product demonstrations to your location. These demonstrations give your workers to see new products or get a refresher on safety practices. If a product just doesn't fit or work right they can find a resolution to fit your needs.


Additional knowledge will keep your workers more safe and your safety culture strong. Quest will keep your company's safety knowledge up to date.

  • Quest Safety.com: In addition to ordering products you can download specification sheets and sometimes watch videos on many of our products. Under the website's Resources tab you will find reference material filed by type of protection.
  • Safeopedia.com: SafetyNetwork.me, which Quest is a member, partnered with Safeopedia.com to bring our customers the best safety knowledge possible through Articles, Q&As and Safety Moments. Consider this your personal safety wiki page.
  • Social Media and Newsletters: We will keep you up to date through our social media sites and monthly newsletters. You will also see product drawings mentioned from time to time.

Safety Plus Web

Looking for safety management software to assist you in training, record keeping, and incident management? We can put you in touch with Safety Plus Web for a great product, pricing, and service.

Contact Quest for a personalized solution today!