Quest Safety Products, Inc. is a small MBE and HUBZone Certified full line distributor of safety and environmental abatement products as well as a manufacturer of disposable protective apparel. We have been working with the the nuclear demolition, abatement, facilities and laboratory management industries for over 18 years. Founded in 1991 as a supplier of asbestos and lead abatement products, we have grown into one of the largest full line environmental and safety suppliers in the Midwest.

Quest is dedicated to serving the environmental contractors, construction contractors and facilities management companies with contracts in DOE, NRC, and EPA regulated facilities. Our goal is to help companies keep their workers safe in any environment while providing a level of service that surpasses expectations. Two of the ways we make a difference in these industries are with our Quantumwear® protective suits and HUBZone certification.

How Quest Operates

This section focuses on our work in the Nuclear Industry. For details on other services Quest offers and how Quest works with customers, take a look at:

Our Focus within the Nuclear Market

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Protective Apparel




Quest Products

You have numerous options when it comes to buying safety products. Why partner with Quest for your safety needs? The Quest business model is what distinguishes us from other safety distributors.

It is our philosophy and business culture that distinguishes Quest from other safety distributors.

  • Solution-oriented approach
  • Customer dedication
  • Partnership focus
  • Long-term relationship goals

Investigate the services we offer. Are these services you currently use or would like to add in the future? Check out our case studies to see solutions we have created for customers. Would these types of solutions help your business? Our Introduction to Quest Safety Products video will also give you a feel for how we do business. You can also read an article featuring Quest that appeared in the June 2017 issue of the magazine Construction in Focus.

Solution-Oriented Approach

Trained Specialists

What do we mean by Solution-Oriented Approach? How does that differ from other companies? Many companies start business with customers using canned presentations that they deliver to every customer. What many of those sales representatives present to customers are the latest products on the market or items their suppliers have asked them to push. Quest takes a different approach.

Our Method: You talk, we listen: When approaching potential customers we start by asking questions and listening to what is really being said. How does your company handle safety? What practices are working well? What areas need improvement? We will ask you questions about your pain points, your current projects, your safety culture, and what you want from a supplier. In some areas we dive deeper, looking for causes, trends or opportunities.

Our territory manager will then work with a team of safety professional to handcraft a solution to increase safety or introduce cost savings. After getting to know you and understand your needs, we offer strategies to take those safety practices or cost savings even further.

Trained Specialists: Because we are heavily invested in a select group of industries, we are constantly training and keeping abreast of the latest technology and trends in those areas. Quest's sales and customer service teams have completed over 300 hours of SEE (Safety Equipment Expert) Certification training. Several members of our sales team have achieved QSSP (Qualified Safety Sales Professional) Certification and the 10/30 Hour OSHA General Industry Certification. We consistently receive hands-on training from the people who know safety products best - 3M, Honeywell, Ergodyne, National Safety Apparel, Radians, Accuform, DuPont, Ansell, and many more.

We understand OSHA's regulations and ANSI standards, as well as what our customers go through to keep their employees safe. We work with manufacturers who focus on this customer base.

Each solution we create for you will include: industry knowledge, technical training, connections to industry experts, and experience in knowing what works.

Customer Dedication

Customer Service: Our personal service and technical knowledge are the cornerstones of our business model. Being a partner with you means making sure you always have quick access to the right products for the right applications.

Product Demos

Inventory Alignment Strategy: We promise to have the right safety equipment either on-hand or JIT. We deliver on this promise by working with the appropriate people on-site like field superintendents and safety managers and offsite with company management to identify commonly used equipment. We then design a stocking plan around those items. It's part of a specific inventory alignment strategy, and a special service that sets us apart from other distributors.

New Product Announcements: Through territory manager visits and newsletters you know always know about new products or technologies that fit your needs.

Product Demonstrations: Quest is a member of SafetyNetwork.me, a safety buying group made up by the leading safety distributors and manufacturers throughout the United States. Quest and representatives of leading manufacturers like 3M, DBI/Capital Safety, Honeywell, and others offer product demonstrations or Q&A meetings to our customers.

Partnership Focus

We offer a partnership where Quest assists you in keeping your workers safe in any environment. We know you have more than just safety statistics on your plate, you have financial obligations. Here's a couple ways we can help you.

Competitive Pricing: Being a member of SafetyNetwork.me, the largest safety buying group in America, gives Quest the advantage of competitive pricing, the latest information from industry experts, and extensive training on safety products and practices. We pass those benefits on to our customers.

Cost Savings: In addition to competitive pricing due to our membership in SafetyNetwork.me, we also help you uncover additional cost saving opportunities. We may know of other products with the same credentials that are less expensive, and possibly worth a trial. Here is just one example of cost savings:

Product SKU Standardization

Gloves are a commodity, and many manufactures make them. There may be several different model numbers that are essentially the same thing. If your company is using three or four types of gloves coming from two to four different manufacturers, we may be able to reduce the number of SKUs to one - then capitalize on a volume buy.

We're performing this type of analysis and others all the time - and passing on the information to help save customers time and money. Check out our case studies section for more examples of cost savings provided to our customers.

Product Demos

HUBZone Spending: Quest is HUBZone and MBE certified and can work with you if you have spending requirements to meet. See our Capability Statement for additional information.

Transparency and Reporting: Our territory managers can regularly provide reports on purchases and spending, so you are never in the dark.

Equipment Assistance: We can also assist with equipment inspections, re-certifications, and repairs.

Knowledge: Sometimes, knowledge can make the difference between safety success and failure. Quest ensures you and your workers have additional safety information at your fingertips through our Knowledge Center on QuestSafety.com, monthly newsletters, and our partnership with Safeopedia.com, the leading safety wiki on the Internet. Safeopedia.com publishes articles, Q&As and Safety Moments to help workers in all industries.

Long-Term Relationship Goals

Timeline maps at Quest are never straight lines. We see our relationships looking more like an infinity symbol, continuing for years and always growing stronger. Take a look at the Customer Buying Cycle at Quest map below. This map was created to show customers that they will more than just a number to Quest's territory managers. Our territory managers will work closely with you to know your business and find the safety solutions to fit your needs.

Click on the map below. It will give you an idea of what to expect when meeting with Quest territory managers for the first time.

Background on Quest Protective Apparel and Specifically Quantumwear® Suits

From 2000-2006, Quest Safety Products was supplying the Fernald Closure Project, a former uranium processing facility outside Cincinnati, OH with various branded coveralls for mixed asbestos and radiological waste handling. During this period, and through subsequent trials at a number of weapons complex sites nationwide that customers asked Quest to design a coverall suit to truly fit their needs. Through focus groups of industry experts including health physicists, industrial hygienists, safety professional and asbestos workers nationwide, the Quantumwear patented design evolved.

Why These Suits are Significant within the Nuclear Industry

People wearing Quest’s Quantumwear suits are working with some of the most hazardous, dangerous contaminates in the world. A personal contamination event can cost a company anywhere from $5,000 to $40,000 per incident. Click here for an introductory video on Quantumwear suits.

Quantumwear suits provide

  • Safety and risk mitigation
  • Larger sizing and increased mobility
  • Superior protection, comfort, and durability
  • Cost effective solutions

Since 2009, our Quantumwear suits have been used by multiple prime contractors at the following Department of Energy sites:

To date, not a single incident of personal contamination has been reported for users wearing Quantumwear or other suits in the Quest Protective Apparel line. This is due to the patented design, fabric, and material construction of our suits.

  • Hanford
  • Savannah River Site
  • Paducah
  • Portsmouth
  • Oak Ridge
  • Los Alamos
  • Nevada National Security Site
  • Argonne National Labs

Unique Features of Quantumwear and Quantumwear C Suits

Quantumwear and Quantumwear C suits offer the following unique features:

The Patented Quantumwear Neck Closure System: The Neck Closure System is engineered for an adjustable fit around the head and secure protection around a respirator or full face mask. With competitor suits, many people use duct tape around the face masks to insure there is no personal contamination.

Competitor suits, notice the gag that opens if user lifts head

This gap requires many users to duct tape their suits closed to eliminatecontamination. This “fix” can be uncomfortable.

Quantumwear suit: notice the snug fit around the respirator. There is no gap or need for additional duct tape. Our patented Neck Closure System ensures no gaps, continuous protection and comfort for the user.

Donning / Doffing Tabs and Sequencing Procedures: The tab covering the neck and upper check of the Quantumwear and Quantumwear C suits and and donning/doffing sequencing allows the wearer to remove the suit without the risk of contaminating the inside of the suit or themselves. Self-contamination has always been a problem in hazardous industries. Notice that in the images below the hand never touches the wearer or interior clothing.

Special Breathable Fabric: That doesn’t require an additional protective layer when working in hazardous environments. It is light-weight enough to prevent heat stress but impenetrable against

  • Micron-sized particles
  • Radiological contaminates
  • Asbestos, mold, and lead dust
  • Environmental hazards

The other secret of Quantumwear is the special fabric we use to keep ultra-fine particles out, as well as hydrophobicly guarding against splash, all while being extremely breathable to ensure heat stress mitigation. We accomplished this with a multi-layered textile, and submitted it to demanding medical testing for particle hold-out, and simulated organic fluid splash penetration tests.

Reinforced Areas: seams, elbows, knees, wrists, and ankles

Elbow and knee areas take the brunt of abuse when users work hard so we have doubled up the fabric in those areas to avoid tears and contamination.

Bound seams join two pieces of material with an overlay of similar material and is chain stitched through all of the layers for a clean finished edge. This provides increased holdouts of liquids and dry particulate.

Larger sizing: to prevent tearing, bleed-through and breakouts as users bend, stretch, and work. Larger sizing also allows employers to stock less SKUs of PPE.

Quantumwear Styles and Sizing

Quantumwear comes in two versions: Attached Hood and Boot (H&B) sizes L-8X , and No Hood / No Boot (NHNB) sizes XL-6XL. Both product come 25 suits per case.

Download the product spec sheet here. View the videos below, to see how much better Quantumwear® performs against two brands commonly used in commercial nuclear power, and Department of Energy remediation sites.

Quantumwear C

Quantumwear® C was developed to give workers a more comfortable and functional alternative while working in the following environments:

  • Nuclear D/D
  • Abatement
  • Construction
  • Manufacturing
  • Cleaning
  • Remediation
  • Demolition

Quantumwear C Styles and Sizing

Q-Gard Quantumwear® C
Hood & Boot - Yellow,
Taped Seams

Download the product spec sheet here.


View the following videos to learn more about the Quantumwear suits and how they compare to the competition.

An Introduction to Quest Safety Products’ Quantumwear Suit - Designed Specifically for Hazardous Environments

This video covers all the essentials of the Quantumwear suit line. Who was involved in designing the suits, who currently uses the suits, what will this suit do for your workers, where are these suits used.

Key Features of the Quantumwear Suits and the Patented Donning and Doffing Features

This video highlights the patented features that make this line of suits unique.

Partical Filtration Tests

Fabric filtration tests are ran to simulate bacterial / viral filtration efficiency for disposable protective suits/ fabrics, among other contaminants.

The subject fabric is placed between two stacked pans. 25 grams of talc powder is placed in the pan which also has a screen sifter to ensure no talc falls through before the test begins. The pans are placed in the shaker test machine and clamped down. The machine is run for 30 minutes. The test results show how much of the talc filtered through the fabric while the were on the machine.

The talc used in the test was 18% below 2 microns, with the median at 4.5 microns (pretty), and the rest around 10-17 microns. The talc consisted of 31% MgO, 61% SiO2 (residual is FeO and Al2O3).

The test was conducted in the certified textile lab of the manufacturer Quest uses to manufacturer their Quantumwear suits.

Quantumwear Suit Fabric Particle Filtration Test

Test Subject: Fabric from Quest Quantumwear Suits.

Test Result: Success

The talc did not penetrate the Quantumwear fabric. Quantumwear outperforms almost all other textiles in filtration while still permitting airflow and comfort.

Particle Filtration Test Against an Economy 1.25 oz PPE Protective Suit Fabric

Test Subject: Two layers of a standard polypropolene spun-bound 1.25 oz fabric used on ecomony protective garments.

Test Result: Failure

Almost all of the talc penetrated this fabric. There is only a film of talc left on the fabric’s surface.

Particle Filtration Test Against TUFFCAT Suits, manufactured by Lynx Supply Inc.

Test Subject: Fabric from Lynx Supply's TUFFCAT protective suits.

Test Result: Failure

This video shows that the talc powder did penetrate the TUFFCAT fabric and exactly how much.

Particle Filtration Test Against OREX DELUXE Suits, manufactured by Orex Technologies

Test Subject: Fabric from OREX DELUXE protective suits.

Test Result: Failure

This video shows that the talc powder did penetrate the OREX DELUXE fabric and exactly how much.

Water Resistance: Impact Penetration Tests (AATCC 42)

The following videos show standard Water Resistance: Impact Penetration Tests (AATCC 42) conducted on Quantumwear Suits and four competitive disposable protective suits on the market to see if each fabric allows water to penetrate it.

The test measures the amount of liquid a fabric allows to pass through it when challegend with 500 ml of distilled water out of a shower nozzle 24" above the fabric. In normal tests of this type there is no color added to the water and the blotter paper placed under the fabric is weighed before and after the test to determine the amount of liquid penetration, reported in grams. For this video red food coloring was added to the water so the results could be easily viewed. The same procedures were used for each test.

The tests were conducted in the certified textile lab of the manufacturer Quest uses to manufacturer their Quantumwear suits.

Water Resistant Test Against Quantumwear Suits manufactured by Quest Safety Products

Test Subject: Fabric used with Quest Quantumwear Suits. We sell this suit as splash RESISTANT suit made from splash resitant yet breathable fabric and should not be used as a splash proof or liquid proof garment.

Test Result: Success

The water did not penetrate the Quantumwear fabric.

Water Resistant Test Against an Economy 1.25 oz PPE Protective Suit Fabric

Test Subject: A 1.25 oz fabric used on ecomony protective garments.

Test Result: Failure

The blotter paper was completely saturated.

Water Resistant Test Against TUFFCAT Suits, manufactured by Lynx Supply, Inc.

Test Subject: Fabric from Lynx Supply's TUFFCAT protective suits.

Test Result: Failure

This video shows the water penetrating the TUFFCAT fabric.

Water Resistant Test Against OREX DELUXE Suits, manufactured by Orex Technologies

Test Subject: Fabric from OREX DELUXE protective suits. Orex categorizes these suits as splash-resistant.

Test Result: Failure

This video shows the water penetrating the OREX DELUXE fabric.

Water Resistant Test Against OREX ULTRA Suits, manufactured by Orex Technologies

Test Subject: Fabric from OREX Ultra protective suits. Orex categorizes these suits as total barrier protection.

Test Result: Failure

This video shows that this fabric performed much better than the DELUXE fabric but water was still able to penetrate the fabric in a few places.

Products for Environmental Abatement

We provide the full range of environmental safety equipment and PPE from all the major manufacturers. Our full Environmental Catalog will give you more details.


We provide the full range of construction safety equipment from all the major manufacturers, including:

Environmental Products
  • Abatement Equipment
  • Absorbent & Spill Control
  • Adhesives & Tapes
  • Chemicals, Encapsulants, & Mastic Removers
  • Disposable Protective Apparel
  • Disposal & Glove Bags
  • Emergency Eyewash, Shower, &Decontamination
  • Gas Detection & Air Monitoring
  • Industrial Chemical & Coatings
  • Janitorial Supplies
  • Poly Sheeting
  • Respiratory Protection
  • Signs & Labels
  • Surface Prep Tools & Equipment
  • Towels, Rags, & Wipes


  • Eyes & Face Protection
  • Hand & Arm Protection
  • Head Protection
  • Hearing Protection
  • Protective Apparel

Specialized Products

Over the years Quest Safety Products has designed and developed their own products to serve the specific needs of their customers:

Quest Branded Products

By listening to customers' needs, Quest has developed a line of products with superior quality and performance attributes. Quest branded products have been developed with a familiar goal in mind... exceeding customer expectations.

Attack!® Mastic Removers

  • No Odor
  • Low Odor
  • Super Soy
  • Super Off
  • Carpet Adhesive Remover
  • CARB Compliant Formulations
    • Low Odor-V
    • 2000-V

Attack!® Citrus Degreaser

Questik® Spray Adhesive

Attack!® Paint and Gasket Remover


  • FazTak
  • QT

Click here for more product details.

Quest Protective Apparel®

Quest Protective Apparel is a line of protective garmenting - suits, coveralls, lab coats, shoe & boot covers - started as one product developed to fulfill one our customer's request for a specific product and a consistent supply chain. Over the years it has grown into an entire line of apparel. Each product was designed with input from experts and end users to solve specific problems. These products are manufactured in FDA registered, ISO certified clean facilities and pass clean room standards.

Because we are the manufacturer and distributor, users of Quest Protective Apparel® are able to increase safety, create a stronger supply chain, & often dramatically lower costs.

Click on the links for each item to see product details.

Quantumwear®: developed to incorporate attributes from our two industry-leading protective garments, Comfortwear® and Barrierwear®. This product also offers a high level of particle hold out without sacrificing breathability of the garment. See the product video and Quantumwearsuit.com for additional information.

Quantumwear C: Our patented design and enhanced protection features reduces contamination risk while maintaining comfortability. Quantumwear C® is a trusted protective suit by the Federal Government.

Shoe Covers: Q-Stick Shoe Covers are designed with a revolutionary coating that prevents slipping on virtually any surface. The material's high coecient of friction allows it to be used on both wet and dry surfaces.

The Q-Gard® Traction Shoe Covers feature a proprietary, state of the art sole. The Traction sole provides unparalleled skid resistance on both wet and dry surfaces. Q-Gard® material is low linting and resistant to light splashes from non-hazardous chemicals.

Traction Boot Covers: The Q-Gard® Traction Boot Covers feature a proprietary, state of the art sole. The Traction sole provides unparalleled skid resistance on both wet and dry surfaces. Q-Gard® material is low linting and resistant to light splashes from non-hazardous liquids.

Comfortwear: Designed to be used in dry environments where the main goal is staying clean and comfortable.

Barrierwear: Designed to be used in light water splash and dry environments where the main goal is staying clean.

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