Quest Safety Products: Partnering with You to Protect Your Workers in Any Environment

Quest understands the safety concerns of the utility industry. Our company has over 36 years of combined experience providing solutions, PPE, and safety supplies to various companies providing utility services such as:

Electric Service Providers

Natural Gas Providers

Water/Wastewater Service Providers

Renewable Energy Providers

Electrical Contractors

As a Utility Safety Manager, you have a lot on your plate, but three priorities stand out above others:

  1. Reduce injuries, avoid fatalities
  2. Ensure timely delivery of supplies, reduce project delays at jobsites
  3. Keep costs under control

Quest Safety Products can assist you in all three areas.

Through extensive training, our territory managers understand the utility industry and the hazards involved. Through years of experience working with utility customers, they also understand the business side.

Have your employees ever walked onto a construction jobsite and realized they did not have the proper mix of equipment needed for the job that day? At Quest Safety we pride ourselves on helping you reduce potential project delays and unnecessary costs. We measure our success through an inventory accuracy rate of 99.8% and an order accuracy rate of 98.4%. We will get your workers the PPE and supplies they need, when they need it.

Products Delivered When You Need Them

One of our electric providers called after 3:00pm on a Tuesday and wanted 16 Web Tie-Off Adaptors and three Twin-Leg Quick Connect SRLs at their jobsite in Florida the next morning. These were not items they asked us to keep in stock and the request was made after the manufacturer's deadline to get products shipped out. Because of our strong relationship with CapitalSafety, we were able to get the items delivered in Florida the nextmorning. The company's SE Safety Manager emailed our Strategic Account Manager that next day and thanked her for getting the order delivered on time. He also sent the photo to the left. Those are his workers, ready to complete their work because they had the right equipment to do so.

Quest is committed to stocking the items you commonly use and managing your inventory with a proven 99.8% accuracy rate. We make it our business to know and understand your business, and can ensure you always have critical products at hand.

Hard Facts






The Hard Facts of Dangers in the Utility Industry

Your workers face dangers every day. Between the OSHA standards, NFPA70E, NESC 2017, NFPA2112, and ANSI Standards it can be hard to keep up with changes and effective dates. This is where experienced, technically trained safety distributors can help.

Quest understands the issues that your workers face.

Greatest Dangers Facing Workers in the Utility Industry

  • Working in Confined Spaces
  • Work Zone Safety
  • Welding, Cutting and Burning
  • Working Solo
  • Working from Heights
  • Exposure to High Voltage, Voltage Irregularities, & Transformers
  • Exposure to Extreme Temperatures
  • Slips, Trips, and Falls
  • Overexertion/Repetitive Motion
  • Emergency Response Calls
  • Challenging Weather Conditions
  • Work Site/Environmental, Biological, & Chemical hazards

And we know the PPE and safety equipment that will help your workers stay safe.

PPE and Safety Equipment Sold Most to Our Utility Customers

  •   Hand Protection
  •   Fall Protection
  •   FR & AR Apparel
  •   Hi-Viz Apparel
  •   Eye & Face Protection
  •   Head Protection
  •   Lock Out/Tag Out
  •   First Aid & Pest Control
  •   Gas Detection & Air Monitoring
  •   Respiratory Protection
  •   Signs and Labels
  •   Hearing Protection

Work-Related Fatalities, Injuries, and Illnesses for 2016

The Bureau of Labor released the following statistics for 2016.

  • 47 Fatalities
  • 2.1 recordable cases for every 100 full-time workers.

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2018

These deaths and injuries are preventable through changing the working environment, how people work, or how they are protected. Don't let your workers become statistics!

The Business Side of Safety

You have numerous options when it comes to buying safety products. Why partner with Quest for your safety needs? The Quest business model is what distinguishes us from other safety distributors.

It is our philosophy and business culture that distinguishes Quest from other safety distributors.

  • Solution-oriented approach
  • Customer dedication
  • Partnership focus
  • Long-term relationship goals

Investigate the services we offer. Are these services you currently use or would like to add in the future? Check out our case studies to see solutions we have created for customers. Would these types of solutions help your business? Our Introduction to Quest Safety Products video will also give you a feel for how we do business. You can also read an article featuring Quest that appeared in the June 2017 issue of the magazine Construction in Focus.

Solution-Oriented Approach

Trained Specialists

What do we mean by Solution-Oriented Approach? How does that differ from other companies? Many companies start business with customers using canned presentations that they deliver to every customer. What many of those sales representatives present to customers are the latest products on the market or items their suppliers have asked them to push. Quest takes a different approach.

Our Method: You talk, we listen: When approaching potential customers we start by asking questions and listening to what is really being said. How does your company handle safety? What practices are working well? What areas need improvement? We will ask you questions about your pain points, your current projects, your safety culture, and what you want from a supplier. In some areas we dive deeper, looking for causes, trends or opportunities.

Our territory manager will then work with a team of safety professional to handcraft a solution to increase safety or introduce cost savings. After getting to know you and understand your needs, we offer strategies to take those safety practices or cost savings even further.

Trained Specialists: Because we are heavily invested in a select group of industries, we are constantly training and keeping abreast of the latest technology and trends in those areas. Quest's sales and customer service teams have completed over 300 hours of SEE (Safety Equipment Expert) Certification training. Several members of our sales team have achieved QSSP (Qualified Safety Sales Professional) Certification and the 10/30 Hour OSHA General Industry Certification. We consistently receive hands-on training from the people who know safety products best - 3M, Honeywell, Ergodyne, National Safety Apparel, Radians, Accuform, DuPont, Ansell, and many more.

We understand OSHA's regulations and ANSI standards, as well as what our customers go through to keep their employees safe. We work with manufacturers who focus on this customer base.

Each solution we create for you will include: industry knowledge, technical training, connections to industry experts, and experience in knowing what works.

Customer Dedication

Customer Service: Our personal service and technical knowledge are the cornerstones of our business model. Being a partner with you means making sure you always have quick access to the right products for the right applications.

Inventory Alignment Strategy: We promise to have the right safety equipment either on-hand or JIT. We deliver on this promise by working with the appropriate people on-site like field superintendents and safety managers and offsite with company management to identify commonly used equipment. We then design a stocking plan around those items. It's part of a specific inventory alignment strategy, and a special service that sets us apart from other distributors.

New Product Announcements: Through territory manager visits and newsletters you know always know about new products or technologies that fit your needs.

Product Demonstrations: Quest is a member of SafetyNetwork.me, a safety buying group made up by the leading safety distributors and manufacturers throughout the United States. Quest and representatives of leading manufacturers like 3M, DBI/Capital Safety, Honeywell, and others offer product demonstrations or Q&A meetings to our customers.

Partnership Focus

We offer a partnership where Quest assists you in keeping your workers safe in any environment. We know you have more than just safety statistics on your plate, you have financial obligations. Here's a couple ways we can help you.

Competitive Pricing: Being a member of SafetyNetwork.me, the largest safety buying group in America, gives Quest the advantage of competitive pricing, the latest information from industry experts, and extensive training on safety products and practices. We pass those benefits on to our customers.

Cost Savings: In addition to competitive pricing due to our membership in SafetyNetwork.me, we also help you uncover additional cost saving opportunities. We may know of other products with the same credentials that are less expensive, and possibly worth a trial. Here is just one example of cost savings:

Product SKU Standardization

Gloves are a commodity, and many manufactures make them. There may be several different model numbers that are essentially the same thing. If your company is using three or four types of gloves coming from two to four different manufacturers, we may be able to reduce the number of SKUs to one - then capitalize on a volume buy.

We're performing this type of analysis and others all the time - and passing on the information to help save customers time and money. Check out our case studies section for more examples of cost savings provided to our customers.

HUBZone Spending: Quest is HUBZone and MBE certified and can work with you if you have spending requirements to meet. See our Capability Statement for additional information.

Transparency and Reporting: Our territory managers can regularly provide reports on purchases and spending, so you are never in the dark.

Equipment Assistance: We can also assist with equipment inspections, re-certifications, and repairs.

Knowledge: Sometimes, knowledge can make the difference between safety success and failure. Quest ensures you and your workers have additional safety information at your fingertips through our Knowledge Center on QuestSafety.com, monthly newsletters, and our partnership with Safeopedia.com, the leading safety wiki on the Internet. Safeopedia.com publishes articles, Q&As and Safety Moments to help workers in all industries.

Assistance with Events and Training:We take our relationships seriously. Our success depends on the safety culture within your company and knowing that all your employees go home safely at the end of each shift.

One of our largest electrical customers built a mobile training trailer that could travel to their offices and jobsites throughout the US. They asked if we would be interested in designing and building the part of the training center that would hold safety equipment. We jumped at the chance. In the photo to the left, Kristin Marini is assembling the safety area.

Our territory managers regularly participate in our customers' safety events. During these events they get the opportunity to meet people who work in the field and use the equipment we sell. They get great information on what works well, what is uncomfortable, what stands up well to the weather and more.

Long-Term Relationship Goals

Timeline maps at Quest are never straight lines. We see our relationships looking more like an infinity symbol, continuing for years and always growing stronger. Take a look at the Customer Buying Cycle at Quest map below. This map was created to show customers that they will bemore than just a number to Quest's territory managers. Our territory managers will work closely with you to know your business and find the safety solutions to fit your needs.

Click on the map below. It will give you an idea of what to expect when meeting with Quest territory managers for the first time.

Safety Products for the Utility Industry

We provide the full range of utility safety PPE and equipment from all the major manufacturers.

Confined Space
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
    • Hand Protection
    • Head Protection
    • Eye and Face Protection
    • Hearing Protection
    • Hi-Viz Apparel
      • Vests, Shirts and more
    • FR and AR Apparel
    • Rainwear
  • Confined Space Gear
  • Fall Protection
  • Gas Detection Equipment
  • Respiratory Protection
  • Lock Out / Tag Out
  • Signs, Labels, & Tags
  • Traffic Control
  • First Aid & Outdoor Protection
  • Heat and Cold Stress items
  • Electrical Safety & Tools
  • Ventilation & Circulation Equipment
  • Spill Containment

How can we make managing your safety responsibilities easier and more cost effective?

Schedule a Free Assessment of Your Safety Needs Today.