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Our mission is built upon the following beliefs:

  • Solution-Oriented Approach
  • Customer Dedication
  • Partnership Focus
  • Long-term Relationship Goals

Quest takes a different view of the distributor-customer relationship – we build partnerships that last for years. Part of that view comes from working in the safety industry, another part comes from being a small minority enterprise. Customers trust us to supply their employees with safety equipment, knowing that equipment ensures that they make it home safely at the end of every shift. We do not take that responsibility lightly. We consider each customer as an important part of who we are, what makes us successful.

We want to earn your trust and will continuously strive to be your safety partner and preferred vendor.

It is our philosophy and business culture that distinguishes Quest from other safety distributors.

Our philosophy for starting a partnership is an easy one. We come to an initial meeting knowledgeable and well trained in safety, its standards, and the products available to protect workers. We do not have any preconcieved plans on what to sell you. We don’t sell in a cookie-cutter manner.

We ask questions and listen to learn about your business, your workers, and the safety issues you encounter. We explore deeper on critical issues that are raising concerns. We care about the safety issues that keep you awake at night. During our initial discussion we will dive into the details to uncover the origins of issues.

We have found that throughout safety, irregardless of the industry, if a worker is not as comfortable as possible there is a large chance they will not fully comply with standards. They will take shortcuts or modify PPE to add comfort, save time, or make a job easier. That is when accidents happen. Quest works with employees to find the best possible solutions.

What can you expect from Quest? Click on the map below for a closer look at Quest’s Customer Buying Cycle map. This gives you a snapshot of what you can expect. Our Introduction to Quest Safety Products video will also give you a feel for how we do business.

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