Company Overview

The harness that prevents a fall. The chemicals disposed without incident. The mask blocking lethal particles.

Quest protects workers in every environment. Our objective: safety solutions for dangerous situations you encounter. We know your work has risks. Our technically trained sales team is ready to help. We know each day of work has the potential for disaster. We also know that, with the right equipment, you can prevent it. Quest was created to ensure you have access to all the safety solutions, every day.

That means you have the right equipment, the right plan, at the right time.

Strong Relationships

Our reputation is built with organizations like Eli Lilly & Co., Purdue University, Fed-Ex, Fluor Daniel, Roche—clients featured on the Fortune 500 list. Like them, our commitment to strong financial management allows for growth within our company, an advantage in our services.

Smart People

Our people have a minimum of five years experience in their fields, allowing us to maintain an accuracy rate of 98 % on-time delivery, with the right pick, pack and shipment all in just a few hours from when you order.

Quest is one of the largest registered minority business enterprise (MBE), and we believe in the investment in our employee’s growth creates company growth. We know the value of each of our employees and provide them the resources and insight to help you.